Window Fly Sticker

Window Fly Sticker

Pest: Common House Fly

Species: Musca Domestica

SKU: 10244

Quantity per case: 1500

Configuration: Bulk Packed


◾Easy peel window sticker with colourful sunflower design which acts as a contrasting surface to attract flies
◾Ready to use trap coated with a non-drying fly glue to trap the insects
◾For use on windows or other surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories
◾Effective against all home and garden flies

◾Remove cover paper from the side to be applied to the window and stick the trap in the bottom corner of the window
◾Once the trap is applied to the glass the cover paper is then removed from the other side so that the trap is activated
◾After 3 months the trap can easily be removed from the window, leaving no residue behind, and replaced