WCM Black Stripe Delta Kit

WCM Black Stripe Delta Kit

Pest: Clothes Moth

Species: Tineola Bisselliella

SKU: 10089

Quantity per case: 100 traps and 100 lures

Configuration: 10 x 10 shrink-wrapped


◾Cost effective moth monitoring solution, for use in smaller locations as a continuous monitor and in larger locations to identify more focused infestations
◾Black stripes for visual attraction
◾Dry-touch, no-mess glue
◾Includes 1 x 6 week lure for Clothes Moth

◾These card traps assemble into a delta shape with black stripes on the outside and all inner surfaces coated with glue
◾They are easy to assemble and just require the cover paper to be removed and the appropriate pheromone dispenser added
◾They are designed for single use; once the glue is coated with insects and is no longer catching they can be discarded
◾They are ideal for hygiene areas where clean traps are needed or where long term monitoring is not required