Wasp Dome

Wasp Dome

Pest: Wasp

Species: Vespula spp.

SKU: 10120

Quantity per case: 40 traps and 40 hangers

Configuration: Bulk packed


◾Reusable wasp trap for use with Agrisense Liquid Wasp Bait (sold separately)
◾Safe, effective and easy to use
◾Highly effective with a capacity for hundreds of wasps
◾Designed to distract wasps away from sensitive outdoor areas
◾Most effective against wasps from June to September when they begin to become a nuisance

◾The robust dome shaped trap has a clear top and yellow bottom with a funnel to allow the wasp to enter the trap from below
◾Wasps are attracted by the specially formulated liquid attractant as well as the yellow colour of the trap
◾Components are made of UV stabilised polymers
◾When full, empty contents in the trash and refill with Agrisense Liquid Wasp Bait