Tree Band – Folded

Tree Band – Folded

Tree-Band-folded-300x300Pest: Winter Moth Caterpillar

Species: Operophtera brumata

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: Available pre-packed or in bulk

The tree band products, with specialist non-drying glue, provide effective protection against the Winter Moth Caterpillar as it emerges in spring to feed on foliage, flowers and young fruit. The sticky barrier prevents the wingless female moths from climbing the trees in October, November, December and March when they lay their eggs. This folded version of the tree band is cut in to pre-prepared strips. We also offer a face to face version which is produced on a roll.

The Tree Bands stop the females climbing the trunks to lay their eggs. Cut enough of the strip to wrap around the tree trunk once, with a 10cm overlap and unfold the length width wise to expose the glue. Wrap the band tightly around the tree and, at the point of overlap stick down the free end ensuring a tight fit. If there are problems achieving a good fit, string can be used at the top and bottom of the band to secure it. Fix the band well above the level of any surrounding vegetation to ensure that the band isn’t bridged, allowing insects to avoid the trap. Use the band around any supporting tree posts.