SPM Locator

SPM Locator

Pest: Stored Product Moth

Species: Ephestia spp, Plodia Interpunctella

SKU: 10086

Quantity per case: 200 traps and 200 lures

Configuration: 10 x 10×2 boxed


◾Low-dosage moth monitoring traps for use in identifying specific areas of infestations
◾Particularly effective in and around machinery and enclosed environments
◾Dry-touch, no-mess glue
◾Pheromone lure included

◾Used to pinpoint sources of infestation, these traps should be positioned conveniently for inspection and for other operations (i.e. movement of goods) in the area being monitored. This generally means placing traps in or around equipment or fittings where an infestation is suspected
◾Because of their smaller size and lower concentration of pheromone these traps can be closely spaced to pinpoint infestations. It is recommended that traps be used to a density of one per metre in confined spaces
◾If it is suspected that Plodia interpunctella is present in the area to be monitored it is recommended that the monitoring lures be either exposed for 48 hours prior to placement or be prepared to wait 48 hours in use before the lures reach optimal attractiveness for this species. If Plodia is the main pest to be monitored the Plodia specific lure is recommended
◾Both traps and lures should be changed every 6 weeks or earlier. Dispose of the empty sachet away from the area being monitored. All used/exhausted dispensers and spent bases must be removed away from the monitored area