Plant Label

Plant Label

Plant-Label-288x600Pest: Whitefly, Aphids, Sciarids

Species: Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Household

Packaging: 20 x inner cartons of 24 traps per outer box

Designed for use in pot plants inside or outside, these traps attract small flying insects away from the plant by means of the specific yellow colour. The insects are caught and retained on the surface by a coating of powerful dry-touch, no-mess insect glue. The Plant Labels have a dual purpose as they are coated with glue on just one side, allowing the name of the seed or plant to be recorded on the reverse side using a marker pen.

The Plant Labels are packed 24 per inner box and 20 inner boxes per outer display carton.

Research has shown that a number of important pest insects are attracted to a range of specific colour wavelengths. These colours present stimuli to the insect which may elicit a number of responses ranging from host plant recognition to ovipositional attractant, sexual stimuli etc. For a wide range of whitefly, aphids, sciarids, etc, a specific tone of yellow has been found to be a powerful attractant. The Plant Label has been designed to take advantage of this behaviour. The specific coloured plastic of the trap is covered with a high-tech non-drying adhesive. Whilst positioned in the pot plant, the attracted insects land on the trap and are stuck fast.