Pine Processionary Moth Funnel Trap

Pine Processionary Moth Funnel Trap

 2016-01-12_16-22-57Pest: Pine Processionary Moth

Species: Thaumetopoea pityocampa 

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: 1 kit contains 1 x trap, 1 lure

The Funnel Trap is well recognised for its patented black stripe technology, which is proven to increase catch by up to 15%. It is perfect for permanent, long term monitoring of larger infestations of the pine processionary moth. Contains lure for Thaumetopoea pityocampa.

The Funnel Trap is uniquely designed with smooth sides. There is no lip or join that could prevent moths that land on the outside wall of the trap from walking up and into the trap, thus ensuring the maximum number of moths are caught. The pheromone dispensers for these species can be purchased separately to the traps or in the kits. They are packed in vapour-proof sealed sachets and have a field activity duration of 6 weeks. The vial lure is inserted in to the red plastic lure holder and fitted to the top of the funnel trap. A separate glue insert for the funnel trap can also be purchased. Coated with specially formulated non-drying insect glue, the shaped plastic liners are designed to fit inside all our Funnel Traps to help catch and retain the insects entering the trap.

The Funnel Trap is a permanent trap intended as a large area monitoring tool as part of an integrated pest management approach. It is also a large capacity trap used in a permanent matrix formation. When used correctly the information from a matrix of funnel traps can help to reduce the frequency and the extent of insecticide treatments.