Medium Yellow Sticky Trap

Medium Yellow Sticky Trap

Pest: Whitefly, Aphids and Sciarids

Species: Trialeurodes vaporariorum

SKU: 10285

Quantity per case: 1000

Configuration: 100 x 10 flow-wrapped


◾Attractive to small flying insects (whitefly, aphids and sciarids) by means of the specific yellow colour
◾Water-resistant traps
◾Designed for use in gardens and glasshouses
◾Coated on both sides with a high-tech, dry-touch, no-mess glue
◾Trap size 100 x 245mm

◾Simply remove the cover paper to activate the trap
◾Traps should be hung just above the crop, immediately after crop emergence and before insect pest populations start to build up
◾To facilitate hanging, the trap has one hole and green ties are supplied