Medium Yellow Sticky Trap

Medium Yellow Sticky Trap

Medium-Yellow-Sticky-Trap-retail-300x600Pest: Whitefly, Aphids, Sciarids

Species: Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: Inner cartons of 7-10 traps

Designed for use in greenhouses and conservatories, these water-resistant traps attract small flying insects (whiteflies, aphids, sciarids, phorids etc) by means of the Specific yellow colour. The insects are caught and retained on the surfaces by a coating of powerful dry-touch, no-mess insect glue.

Research has shown that a number of important pest insects are attracted to a range of specific colour wavelengths. These colours present stimuli to the insect which may elicit a number of responses ranging from host plant recognition to ovipositional attractant, sexual stimuli, etc. For a wide range of whitefly, aphids, sciarids, etc, a specific tone of yellow has been found to be a powerful attractant, and the AgriSense Yellow Sticky Trap has been designed to take advantage of this behaviour. The plastic trap is coated on both sides with a high-tech, non-drying and non-drip adhesive. Simply remove the cover paper to activate the trap. The traps should be hung just above the crop, immediately after crop emergence and before insect pest populations start to build up. To facilitate hanging, the trap has one hole and green ties are supplied.