Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly Trap

fruit-fly-lemon-e1355308153382Pest: Fruit Fly

Species: Drosophilia spp.

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Household

Packaging: 12 individually packed traps per outer box

Small and discrete yellow plastic, ready to use trap, with an attractive lemon shaped design. Contains a food based, non-pesticide attractant designed to attract and trap fruit flies in sensitive areas of the kitchen.

The traps are individually packed in a 4 colour inner box, and 12 inner boxes are packed per 1 colour outer.

This product has a novel design, combining colour and food attractants to effectively attract and trap nuisance fruit flies. A hole should be pierced through the cavity at the front of the trap, and the trap hung near to, or placed inside, the fruit bowl or other sensitive areas which the flies may be drawn to. The insects enter the trap and are captured in the liquid attractant. When the trap is full it can be incinerated or disposed of in the domestic waste.