Fruit Fly Lemon

Fruit Fly Lemon

Pest: Fruit Fly

Species: Drosophilia spp.

SKU: 18237

Quantity per case: 36

Configuration: 3 x 12 bagged


◾Small and discreet yellow plastic, ready to use trap, with an attractive lemon shaped design
◾Contains a food based, non-pesticide attractant designed to attract and trap common fruit flies in sensitive areas of the kitchen and pantry

◾A hole should be pierced through the cavity at the front of the trap
◾Place in fruit bowls or hang near food sources or other sensitive areas (e.g. internal recycling bins) which the flies may be drawn to
◾The insects enter the trap and are captured in the liquid attractant
◾When the trap is full it can be incinerated or disposed of in the domestic waste