Fly Roll for FICS Machine

Fly Roll for FICS Machine

Pest: Common House Fly

Species: Musca Domestica

SKU: 10125

Quantity per case: 4

Configuration: 20 x 10 m rolls (individually boxed)


◾Replacement sticky roll for timed, self-winding electronic FICS machines
◾The 13m long glue roll (coated centrally with 10m of glue) continuously winds through the machine at timed intervals to reveal fresh, glued material for maximum insect catch
◾Each roll comes individually boxed in mountings

◾To replace used rolls, the new roll should be inserted in to the machine and the pulled through to wind on to the empty cardboard core provided
◾The empty core is designed to gather the used roll at timed intervals in accordance with the machine settings
◾When the glued length is fully wound it should be replaced