Fly Bag

Fly Bag

Pest: Blue Bottle and Green Bottle Flies

Species: Calliphoridae spp.

SKU: 17044

Quantity per case: 25

Configuration: Bulk packed


◾Disposable outdoor Fly Bag trap for use in any location with a high fly population
◾Safe, effective and easy to use
◾Highly effective with a capacity for thousands of flies
◾Water soluble fly bait is contained within the bag – just add water

◾Add tap water to the trap, up to the fill level indicated on the side of the bag
◾The attractant is released from the water-soluble sachet contained within
◾Hang the trap vertically by the twist tie attached to the lid in a suitable outdoor position, preferably where flies can be drawn away from nuisance areas
◾Keep water topped up to the fill level (don’t allow the trap to dry out)
◾The flies are caught and trapped inside the bag
◾The trap should be inspected regularly and replaced when the liquid is saturated with dead flies
◾When full, close the cap and dispose of in normal waste