Easiset Delta

Easiset Delta

Pest: General

Species: Various

SKU: 16999

Quantity per case: 50 traps and 50 hangers

Configuration: Bulk packed


◾Large plastic delta trap for semi-permanent monitoring of flying insects in large indoor areas or for outdoor monitoring
◾To be used in conjunction with disposable sticky inserts and pheromone lures specific to the pest being monitored

◾The traps should be installed before the first insects normally appear and maintained until the end of the season
◾Traps should be hung at the height recommended for the target insect
◾The trap density will depend on the target insect
◾A minimum of 2 traps should be used regardless of field size
◾Unless otherwise indicated on the lure packaging, the lures should be changed every 6 weeks or earlier
◾The sticky inserts should normally be changed when the lures are changed. In situations where high insect catches or dusty conditions have led to the deterioration of the glue surface the inserts should be changed sooner