Disposable Fly Bag Trap

Disposable Fly Bag Trap

fly-bag-e1426603345962-200x300Pest: Disposable Fly Bag Trap

Species: Calliphoridae spp.

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: 8 x inner cartons of 1 trap (including lure) per outer box

The Disposable Fly Bag Traps are an effective way to lure blue bottle, green bottle and house flies away from sensitive outdoor areas, with the specially formulated food grade attractant contained within a water soluble sachet.

Add tap water to the Disposable Fly Bag Trap, up to the fill level indicated on the side of the bag. The attractant will be released from the water-soluble sachet contained within. Keep water topped up to the fill level (don’t allow the trap to dry out). The flies are caught and trapped inside the bag which can be disposed of once full of flies.