Decorative Window Fly Trap

Decorative Window Fly Trap

Decorative-Window-Fly-Trap-e1355394222603Pest: Common House Fly

Species: Musca domestica

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Household

Packaging: 20 x inner cartons of 4 traps per outer box

Ready to use glue trap with attractive sunflower design, for use on windows or other surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. This product concept comprises of a square of non-PVC film (with a very light adhesive on one side), covered with a quick release cover paper. This side is applied to the window. The 4 colour printed side is coated with a non-drying fly glue, which in turn is covered with a quick release cover paper.

The stickers are typically packed 2 x 2 per 4 colour envelope, with 20 envelopes per 1-colour printed outer display box.

To use the product the cover paper is removed from the side to be applied to the window and the trap is placed in the bottom corner of the window. Once the trap is applied to the glass the cover paper is then removed from the other side so that the trap is activated.
In general flies are attracted to light and fly to windows where they hit the glass and drop down to the window base. They are attracted to the trap and caught by the glue. After 3 months the trap can easily be removed from the window and replaced. The glue does not mark the glass.