CR Lo-Line RTU

CR Lo-Line RTU

Pest: Cockroach

Species: Blattella germanic, Periplaneta americana, Blatta orientalis

SKU: 13664

Quantity per case: 200

Configuration: 20 x 10 flow-wrapped

◾Large surface area for sensitive monitoring and for trapping larger species such as American cockroaches
◾Effective against all main cockroach types
◾Low height for sliding under units in industrial kitchens to remain out of sight and closer to the harbourage areas cockroaches prefer
◾Proven industry-leading pheromone attractant contained within the glue
◾Dry-touch, no-mess glue


◾As the lure is already integrated within the glue, simply peel off the protective layer quickly from the sticky base of the trapForm the trap and close it

◾Put the trap in a convenient place where cockroaches are likely to hide and check the trap regularly

◾ The trap can be disposed of when the sticky base is covered with insects