CR Corner

CR Corner

Pest: Cockroach


Species: Blattella germanic, Periplaneta americana, Blatta orientalis


SKU: 10063


Quantity per case: 600


Configuration: 20 x 10×3 shrink-wrapped


◾Cost-effective and reliable solution for constant or mass monitoring
◾Effective against all main cockroach types
◾Designed to sit discretely at the edge of rooms or work surfaces where cockroaches typically prefer to crawl
◾Proven industry-leading pheromone attractant contained within a tablet supplied with the trap
◾Dry-touch, no-mess glue

◾Traps should be torn off from the triple strip along the perforations and the cover paper removed
◾The non hazardous food mimic attractant tablet from the blister packs should be placed on the glue
◾They should be distributed throughout the area being monitored, with particular attention being paid to those areas most susceptible to cockroach infestation, e.g. damp, dark areas (such as ducting) or under machinery where food debris can accumulate
◾Each trap should be numbered and the area being monitored should be mapped
◾The number of each trap should be recorded along with its position
◾Traps must be inspected regularly, preferably weekly, and the inspection intervals (dates) and catches should be recorded for each trap, even zero counts
◾The CR Corner traps have an activity for approximately 6 weeks
◾They should be changed after this time or sooner if high cockroach catches have reduced the catching area of the glue surface
◾Performance of the traps will be reduced in excessively wet, humid or dusty environments