Commercial Solutions


Agrisense offers a range of bio-rational commercial pest monitoring and control products for both the Professional and Retail home and garden markets, which are used on a daily basis to monitor and control pest populations.

Our monitoring products offer sensitive and accurate information 24 hours a day.  They provide the user with many benefits, such as early detection and easy identification of pest species.  This leads to specific and targeted control treatments that are more effective than traditional alternatives


Agrisense produces a complete portfolio of insect pest monitoring systems for the Pest Control Professional.

Agrisense’s commercial products are ideally suited for insect problems in public health and hygiene sectors:

Commonly used in restaurants, private and public housing, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, residential and industrial premises, tourist sites and many more.

The insect pest monitoring traps provide the pest controller with very sensitive and accurate information gathering systems that work 24 hours a day.

They provide the trained user with many benefits such as early detection of pests often prior to visual detection and easy identification of pest species.


Agrisense designs, develops and manufactures a full range of novel bio-rational trapping products for home and garden use throughout the world.

Agrisense’s products are based on three main areas of expertise:

Insect behaviour modifying chemicals (pheromones, attractants and repellents) and trap design.

Controlled release technology for pheromones and other volatiles compounds.

Insect glue technology and application.