Cockroach Trap

Cockroach Trap


Pest: Cockroach

Species:  Blattella germanic,  Periplaneta americana,  Blatta orientalis

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Household

Packaging: 24 x inner cartons of 5 traps per outer box

Pre-baited sticky traps are useful tools to detect and monitor cockroach populations, indicate the source of an infestation and/or assess the efficacy of a control treatment. These traps are scientifically designed to optimise the attraction and capture of all major cockroach species. The trap can be printed to customer specifications in up to 4 colours, packed in inner boxes (also printed in 4 colours), and the number of traps in the inner boxes can be varied form 2 to 5 to suit product cost requirements. The inner boxes are packed in outer display cartons printed in 1 colour. The outer carton boxes can be configured to hold 10, 12, 20 or 24 inner boxes.

The trap is coated with our dry-touch, no-mess cockroach glue and either has the food grade attractant applied in a formulated coating beneath the catch glue or as a tablet on the glue surface. The attractant tablet contains the anti-ingestant Bitrex to prevent accidental ingestion. The glue and tablet are covered with a quick release siliconised cover paper printed in 4 languages with “Peel off quickly”.