Chestnut Leaf Miner Delta Trap

Chestnut Leaf Miner Delta Trap

2016-01-12_16-22-26Pest: Chestnut Leaf Miner

Species: Cameraria ohridella

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: 1 kit contains 1 x trap, 2 x lures, 2 x glue boards, 1 x hanger

A strong, rigid, corrugated delta trap with wire hanger and lure for Cameraria ohridella. Easy to assemble, it contains a removable glue insert which can be replaced when full of insects. Perfect for semi-permanent monitoring over large areas outdoors. The pests enter the trap and are caught on the non drying glue insert (also sold separately) on the bottom of the trap.

The traps should be installed before the first insects normally appear and maintained until the end of the season. In field crops where there is no suitable attachment point traps should normally be attached to stakes at 1m height or height of the crop and placed within the crop. Where the trap is used in orchards etc. the traps can be hung from branches as per the recommendations for the target insect.

The lures should be changed every 6 weeks or earlier. The sticky inserts should normally be changed when the lures are changed. In situations where high insect catches or dusty conditions have led to the deterioration of the glue surface the inserts should be changed sooner. It is recommended that at each reading the trapped insects and any other debris be removed and the glue stirred.

N.B. Care should be taken where the target insect is in large numbers as there is the possibility that the glue insert will quickly become saturated with insects. Care should also be taken in dusty environments where the dust is likely to reduce the efficiency of the glue. In these cases the Funnel trap is recommended.