Cherry Fruit Fly Trap

Cherry Fruit Fly

cherry fruit flyPest: Cherry Fruit Fly

Species: Rhagoletis cerasi 

Sector: Home & Garden

Environment: Garden

Packaging: 1 kit contains 1 x trap, 1 x lure

The Cherry fruit fly trap kit is made of flat yellow plastic and coated both sides with the non-drip, non-drying glue. The specific yellow colour is known to be attractive to Cherry fruit fly. The attracted insects land on the trap and are stuck fast. Used in conjunction with the food attractant lures this trap is a simple and effective tool for insect monitoring.

The kits comprise of a scientifically designed trap, coated both sides with our proprietary dry-touch, non-drip insect glue. The trap assembles round a suitable small branch and the attractant is held on the trap with a plastic clip. The trap will protect one tree for an entire season.