Beetle Pitfall

Beetle Pitfall

Pest: Stored Product Beetles

Species: Tribolium spp., Anthrenus spp., Dermestes lardarius, Lasioderma serricorne

SKU: 10106

Quantity per case: 60 traps and 60 markers

Configuration: 6 x 10 bagged (traps and markers)


◾A reusable cone-shaped pitfall trap designed for monitoring stored product beetles within grain stores, with a tag for quick location and checking
◾Designed so that insects cannot walk in a straight line across the surface so they fall in to the trap
◾The trap also has a coated inside rim to prevent insect escape
◾Can be used in conjunction with a Agrisense beetle lure for maximum efficacy

◾Recommended for monitoring lesser grain borer, rice weevils and saw tooth grain beetles
◾Can be used either at the surface of the grain or can be buried up to 50 cm deep under the surface
◾If the trap is buried in the grain then the tag should be tied to the trap with the string hanger provided and left visible on top of the produce so it can easily be pulled out when checking the trap